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As promised (you didn’t think I’d carry through, did you!) here is actual footage of me dancing. Last night was the last night in town for Sarah and Steve before they head off to Sydney (lots of ‘s’s for that family) to get married next month. I’m really going to miss them both but it’s going to be so weird not to have Sarah at the office, and then at the dance classes! I’m so glad everyone in the office is so nice, but it’s been especially great to get to know Sarah. In addition to being incredibly sweet and fun, she also manages to find more free things to do around London than I would have thought possible! She was kind enough to lend me her fiance for the dance; keep in mind that I am an absolute beginner (last night was one full week of dance classes!). Also, I overlayed the track because the music came out really fuzzy and there was a lot of chatter – so I just added in the sound again myself :).

Oh, I should mention, that the dance class uses jive steps but modern music, which is great for us as that means you can actually dance in a club somewhere, you don’t just have to wait for big band music. Alright, enough stalling. Here it is – the culmination of 7 Jive Nation dance classes.

Because it’s a little dark I’ll throw in a few more stills that Sarah took throughout the night (not that these were posed at all :-P).

So, that’ll probably be all you see from dancing for a while until my trusted photo- and film-ographers return from Sydney. Today is my day off which means I have more to do than I could possibly imagine. Off to Wales tomorrow morning!