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Tonight I went out to dinner at a pub called the Churchill Arms. I pass by this place nearly every day on my way home from work and can’t help but notice it. If you didn’t know it was a pub you might well be mistaken into thinking that it’s some sort of botanical garden shop, or horticulturalist club. The entire building is completely decked out in baskets of hanging flowers and the effect is quite beautiful.

I had been told that inside, in addition to your standard English pub, there was also a remarkably tasty and quite reasonably priced Thai restaurant but until tonight had never gone inside to visit either. Upon walking in, I was completely overwhelmed by the Winston Churchill and other period memorabilia on the walls. It was like an Applebees extreme but not kitschy or junky. You couldn’t even see the walls for all of the hanging posters, framed pictures, postcards, and for some strange reason, the occasional ocean buoy. But all of this was no where near as odd as walking past a few bar tables and finding myself in a proper Thai restaurant, complete with the front takeaway counter with people yelling at each other in Thai and piling delicious-looking food into Chinese take-away containers.

The food itself was wonderful. Because most of my cooking at home doesn’t end up particularly spicy (unless I just pour on red pepper flakes which does happen occasionally) I always love getting some food that’s got a kick to it and the pad thai definitely did the trick. This was no Waterville’s Pad Thai Too, folks, this was the real deal and it was wonderful to have a meal outside the flat.

In other news, I use the StumbleUpon social bookmarking tool (something I’ll explain more fully later this week, as well as how I use it to market Spoonfed) with some frequency and today I added my 1000th ‘liked site’ (imagine it’s like all of your saved favourite pages on your web browser, but online). I happened to find a really adorable website for my 1000th pick and I highly recommend you check out Oh How Lovely! which is a blog/online store that finds adorable things all over the internet and puts them in one place. The site also has wonderful weekly give-aways with very nice prizes (I wish I had found it when they were giving away a cupcake print apron! I would have loved that!).

Definitely stop by Oh How Lovely! and check out the lovely things they’ve got.

6 thoughts on “Pubs and Stumbles

  1. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much! Check out my personal blog as well. http://www.ohhowlovely.net

  2. Meaghan says:


    You’re very welcome! I’m always glad to find another collection of cute (and useful!) things on the net 🙂

  3. sushi2 says:

    Hello again,
    Just wanted to let you know I wish I were in London to visit pubs like you. Although when my family went to Ireland we went to a few. Its a great way to meet the locals and really get to know the culture. Kudos!

  4. MMM says:

    Cool website, for sure. Hey Miss Techy Girl: Can you figure out how to make your links open up a new browser window, so I don’t have to leave your site, and click back, ever so much?

  5. Meaghan says:


    I’ll bet the Irish pubs are even better – this one happens to be quite fun but I think your ordinary neighborhood pub is no where near as unique. When I go to Ireland I’ll let you know how they compare!

    Yeah, yeah, sorry I’ve forgotten to do that until now, I’ll make that happen from now on 😛

  6. Text to Speech(TTS)API says:

    Its a great way to meet the locals and really get to know the culture. Kudos!


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