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Lately around the London tech scene, a hot topic of debate has been the role of women in technology careers, especially compared to their male counterparts. One woman has decided to skip the petty debate and go straight to featuring some of the exciting projects and backgrounds of other women in tech on her blog Girls’n’Gadgets.  Leila, founder of Girls’n’Gadgets, is dedicating the entire week to featuring the females that make our industry so great.

I was incredibly flattered when I got invited to do a guest post on Girls’n’Gadgets and be featured as one of the women of tech this week and today, my bio goes live on the blog.  Here’s an exerpt of my bio, which goes on to recap a bit about my background in tech and my current projects with Spoonfed.

I sit staring at source code in an empty computer lab, trying to embed a flash animation of a fish into a website for my sixth grade science project. If I could go back and speak to my eleven-year old self now, the message would be clear: don’t fight it, Meg, you’re destined to be a geek….

Read on at G ‘n’ G Women in Tech Week – Meaghan Fitzgerald, Spoonfed and be sure to check out some of the other great women of tech featured this week.

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    Comunque, se non dimagrisci più, se certi cibi innescano ancora attacchi di fame, se non mangi sempre i cibi giusti
    e/ se i tuoi livelli di glicemia e insulina non si sono ancora normalizzati, è
    meglio restare nella Perdita di peso continua.
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