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Before I break my record for longest amount of time ever without updating my blog, and at the same time get massively behind in all of the amazing things that have been happening here in London and at The Top Floor Flat, I’ll try to get caught up with an event from last Monday.

In what was perhaps the second-most quintessentially British evening of my stay in London to date (following last year’s last night of the BBC Proms), last Monday Alex took me to see the Fulham Football Club’s premier league match against northerner team Hull.

Although I would call myself a football fan, I can’t say I had done much about following the sport.  But I knew enough to support Fulham (my local team) and had walked or jogged past their stadium a couple of times so I was quite excited to see the inside of the grounds and support my team.  Although they haven’t been performing particularly well this season, they promised to be fairly evenly matched against Hull.

The stadium is a fantastic old pitch right alongside the river.  The south side of the grounds opens out onto a walkway along the Thames which must be fantastic in the summer and spring, especially for afternoon games. Although it was already dark by the time we arrived, and getting a bit chilly, the crowd was well up for it with both Fulham and Hull supporters turning out in force – especially considering it was a Monday night.

It ended up being a fantastic match, with Fulham taking the lead right at the end of the first half and scoring a second halfway through the second half to beat Hull 2-0.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to see a match and really look forward to going again soon.

A fun bit of sports trivia that I happened to discover the same day – Fulham Football Club and the Boston Red Sox will be pairing up to do some cross promotional marketing. I knew I had picked the right footie club to support ;-).

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  1. Jim says:

    Hey, sounds like fun, since they are partnering with the Sox…do they have a lefty powerhitter we could borrow?

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