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Every Monday, I write about something new you can try this week to drive more downloads for your mobile app and increase engagement with your existing app users, based on what has worked (and what hasn’t) for 23snaps.


Facebook in-app mobile advertising is fast becoming the industry channel of choice. While of course it’s important to diversify your marketing channels, Facebook offers the powerful combination of highly targeted ads, scalable pay as you go pricing and massive reach.

But if you’re setting up your Facebook ads through the web interface, you’re missing a trick – particularly when it comes to targeting the right users. This week, get cozy with Facebook’s Power Editor, a Chrome browser plugin that sits firmly between the limited Facebook web ad creation platform, and their ads API which is available for approved developers.

There are tons of ways to use the Power Editor to enhance your existing Facebook ad campaigns, or get set up in the first place, which I’ll cover in future posts. But to start with, here is a walkthrough of how to get started with your first campaign in the Facebook Power Editor.

Getting Set Up

To use the Power Editor, you need to have the Chrome browser, and install the Power Editor extension. The Power Editor app will then appear on your Chrome home screen.


You’ll also need to have integrated Facebook with your native Android or iOS app. This involves installing a Facebook SDK and creating a profile for your app in the Facebook App Center. If you haven’t done this already, you can download the SKD and start the process of adding your app to Facebook here: https://developers.facebook.com/. As an added bonus this means that you app has a chance to appear in the Facebook App Center visible to all Facebook users.

Connecting Power Editor

The most common issue that new Power Editor users run into is forgetting to Download or Upload their campaigns. Before you do anything, you’ll need to click the “download” button in the top right hand corner of the Power Editor application – and it’s good practice to do this first every time you open the Power Editor. This will sync your existing Facebook ad campaigns and account with the Power Editor.

You may also want to check that you are modifying the right account – by default you will be editing ads in your own, personal account, but if your company or Page runs ads that you are authorized to edit and manage, you will need to select the correct account from the drop down on the left.


Creating Your First Campaign

Although the Power Editor looks confusing, it’s actually fairly straight forward. Here’s how to get going:

1)      Click the ‘Campaigns’ tab in the top center.

2)      Click the ‘Create Campaign’ button – a new campaign should appear and you should have the option to edit the campaign settings.

3)      If you are just getting started, you may prefer to leave the default settings of ‘Auction’ rather than ‘Fixed’ campaign. With auction settings your price per install or click may fluctuate more dramatically but you will be able to benefit from Facebook’s algorithm that automatically optimizes your bidding. Likewise, you may prefer to set a ‘Daily’ budget rather than a ‘Lifetime’ one for more consistency in how quickly your deplete your account funds.

There’s no save button – once you’re happy with your campaign settings, move on to:

Creating Your Ads

If you’ve created ads in Facebook before, some of this may look familiar, but there are some great additional targeting opportunities.

1)      Click the ‘Ads’ tab in the top center.

2)      Click the ‘Create Ad’ button. A new ad should appear and you should have the option to edit the settings.

3)       There are tons of different options for ad types, depending on what you want to promote, but assuming you want to advertise your mobile app in the Facebook mobile ad network and drive installs, you should select ‘Mobile Only Ad’ from the Type dropdown list and select the radio button for ‘Get new mobile app installs.’

4)      If you have installed the Facebook SDK and set up your app in the App Center correctly, you should see your app appear in the dropdown under ‘Destination,’ and your app platform (iOS or Android) options appear under ‘Native App’. You can only select one OS for your ad, but you can always create a second campaign if your app is multi-platform.

5)      Create and add your ad copy and graphics, including your App Icon and a 360x600px creative.

6)       Set your mobile device preferences, such as whether you want your ads to appear on iPad or not, or whether your want your ads limited to users connected to wifi.

Targeting Your Ads

Once you’ve created your basic ad layout and platform targeting, you can deep dive into your audience targeting.

1)      Click the ‘Audience’ tab on the lefthand side of the page.

2)      Set you location, gender and age targeting – these are all options available on the Facebook ads web interface.

3)      Now create your precise interest and broad category targeting. This allows you to create extremely focused audience groups. Precise interests will target anyone with any of the interests you include but won’t always work in combination (for example, if your precise interests were chocolate and ice cream, you would reach people interested in chocolate, ice cream but not necessarily people interested in chocolate ice cream). Broad categories help filter your precise interests. So, for example, if you entered the interest racing, and chose the broad category Interests > Autos, you’d be more likely to get people interested in car racing than running.

4)      Decide if you want to use any connection targeting, such as only showing ads to people connected to your existing fans. If you have a lot of targeting already, this may make your audience too small.

5)      Check your estimated reach. On the right hand side of the Power Editor is a real-time estimated reach, showing you how many people have the potential to see your ad based on your targeting (this doesn’t take into account your ad bids). If your audience is smaller than 10,000, you may consider removing some of your targeting options to increase your reach.


Setting Your Pricing

Like Google AdWords, Facebook decides which ads are shown to users based on a combination of relevance, bidding and historical data about your account. You may find that you want to start with a simple CPC bidding method and bid higher than the suggested range to ensure your ads appear for users, you can generate clicks and installs to boost your account’s success metrics, and learn how to optimize your campaign in the future.

Upload Your Campaign

You’ve created a campaign, and an ad to drive mobile installs. Now before you close the Power Editor, you must click the ‘Upload’ button in the top right otherwise your campaign will not start running. Don’t worry if you accidently close the Power Editor before uploading – the changes are saved on your local computer until you click the ‘Download’ button the next time you’re ready to start making new changes.

My Monday Mobile Marketing Tip for this week: Create your first Facebook Power Editor campaign. While it might be a bit clunky to get used to, you’ll be impressed by the additional levels of targeting and control you have over your Facebook mobile campaigns. Not using Facebook at all yet? This is a great way to test out a Facebook ad campaign.

2 thoughts on “Monday Mobile Marketing Tip: Creating Your First Campaign with Facebook’s Power Editor

  1. [...] This post expects knowledge of the Facebook Power Editor. If you haven’t used the Power Editor before, check out my post, Creating Your First Campaign with Facebook’s Power Editor. [...]

  2. Maddox says:

    It happens to be a great along with beneficial section of information. I’m just pleased which you distributed this convenient facts along with us. Please continue to be you well informed this way. Thanks for giving.

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