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Every Monday, I write about something new you can try this week to drive more downloads for your mobile app and increase engagement with your existing app users, based on what has worked (and what hasn’t) for 23snaps.


This post expects knowledge of the Facebook Power Editor. If you haven’t used the Power Editor before, check out my post, Creating Your First Campaign with Facebook’s Power Editor.

Facebook ads are great for acquiring new users, but if you’re using the Facebook Power Editor, there’s a clever way to use Facebook ads to reengage existing users as well through Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences are created from contact or mailing lists you already have (opt-in!) access to, such as your user database or your newsletter mailing list. If you have the email addresses of your existing users in a CSV or text file, you can upload them into Facebook’s Power Editor through the following steps:

1)      Open the Facebook Power Editor

2)      Click on the ‘Audiences’ tab on the left hand side

3)      Click the ‘Create Audience’ button

4)      Upload your contact list

Facebook will then automatically match those email addresses with Facebook users in their system, and create a target group of your existing users who are on Facebook.


There are tons of ways to use this audience but here are two examples from 23snaps:

Turn Users into Fans

Using a custom audience to drive Page Likes can be much more cost effective than using a wide audience because these users already know your brand. Once you’ve encouraged them to becomes fans of your page but running targeted adverts, you are able to communicate with them more cheaply than if you continued to target them with ads. Additionally it is an inexpensive way to give your Facebook page a boost. Make sure you’ve got great content on your Page.

Re-engage Users on Mobile

You can even use native mobile app adverts that target your custom audience. While this might seem counterintuitive – given these people have already registered for your app – this can not only encourage your users to open your app again even if they haven’t in a while, it can get your registered users who have deleted your app to download it again. We noticed a small portion of our custom audience in each campaign converted to app installs, suggesting we were re-engaging users at a fraction of the price of acquiring new ones.

My Monday Mobile Marketing Tip for this week: Upload your database to Facebook’s Power Editor to create a custom audience and use that audience to target some ads to re-engage or communicate with your existing users.