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526867_654972547755_1604262086_nWho Am I?

I grew up in Palo Alto, California where I was fortunate to be surrounded by great technology, entrepreneurial spirit, killer start ups and incredibly talented business people to admire. I spent seven years at Castilleja School, an all-girls middle and high school where I was inspired by amazing women in business, technology and education. For university, I travelled east to Colby College in Maine where I studied biology and English, but spent summers and part of my school year staying involved with the Silicon Valley, first working with Palo Alto technology and biotech PR firm Page One PR, then with Palo Alto tech startup IMVU. Unable to kick the start up bug, I even started my own small business while in college, a content website called DormWise which was later sold to an industry partner.

After graduation, I moved to London, UK. While the initial plan was six months of travel and part time work, within two weeks of being in the country I had accepted a job with a very early stage startup called Spoonfed Media as their head of marketing. After four and a half wonderful years with the Spoonfed team, I moved to another London startup called 23snaps, a mobile app developer whose apps allow parents to save photos and videos of their children in a beautiful digital journal, and privately share those photos with family and close friends. In 2014, I returned to the US to do a masters in business administration at Harvard Business School.

What Is This Blog About?

The Top Floor Flat (named for the first line of my postal address – a uniquely British bit of charm that I’ve never heard apply to any residence back in the States) initially started as a way to describe the sights and scenes of London during what was initially meant to be a six month stay. As my residence in the UK was extended, The Top Floor Flat expanded to include reviews of my trips throughout Europe. After three years, however, my day to day focus became more about my work with Spoonfed, then 23snaps and less about exploring new tourist-friendly locations. While there will still be the odd London-focused post, the majority of recent content focuses on life in a London startup and the lessons learned while working at Spoonfed and 23snaps.

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