Picture Post

Some pictures from the Winter Wonderland Festival at Hyde Park

Winter in London

Well, I have been woefully bad about updating my blog, although thanks to Twitter I’ve managed to sneek in a few updates over the last few days.  Here are some of the highlights.

Last Saturday I went to the Winter Wonderland festival in Hyde Park.  I wasn’t sure what to expect although it was supposed to include ice skating, carnival rides and a German Christmas market.  It was definitely heavy on the rides and light on the Christmas market, and I certainly wasn’t going to pay 10 quid for an hour of skating on a rink the size of my flat’s living room but it was such amazingly nice weather and the whole thing felt so Christmas-y that I couldn’t help but enjoy it.  If I had been under the age of 14 at that fair, it would clearly have been absolute heaven.  Even as it was, I had a great time walking around.

On Sunday, I meet up with a group called London Ice Skaters that do social ice skating around the city.  I had had no idea that there was an amazing indoor ice rink quite near to my flat and it was so much fun to be on skates again! At least I didn’t have any horribly embarassing falls although I couldn’t do anything much fancier than go around in a circle.

Monday was back to the office and the start of an immensely crazy work week which I can’t decide if I can’t believe it’s already mostly over or if I’m amazed it’s gone so slowly.  In any case, I’ve had a number of late nights and busy days.

Tuesday evening, I went to another meetup group, this one I organised, for Digital Media Experts in London.  It was fantastic to meet some other people in the city who have an interest in and understanding of digital media tools and social media.  I’m looking forward to getting to know more people in the group.

And, tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I’ve made a pumpkin pie to bring into the office to celebrate my American background. And eat pie.  It’s so convenient that those two things complement each other so well.  Hurray for heritage. And pie.

  • Awesome! Ice skating at local rink. This is fun, how did i not know about this place? #

  • Off to explore the winter wonderland festival and german market at hyde park! #
  • Have totally lost interest in winter fair in favor of walk through park in this gorgeous weather! #
  • Well. Suddenly i feel line i’ve never seen a proper christmas celebration! This is like kid heaven! #

Guilty Pleasures

A brief interlude from my Food Show recap for a purely self-indulgent blog post.

The underground trains are crowded.  Always really really crowded.  Usually it’s all I can do to squeeze into the car, and getting a seat in the morning? Not a chance.

However, I live on a rather obscure one-stop branch of one of the lines and while it’s always crowded if I take it in the morning, it’s usually nearly empty on my ride home.  I don’t actually take that line too often because the trains run so infrequently but I have a secret guilty pleasure when I do end up at the right place at the right time and manage to be the only person in the entire train car.

Let me add at this point, I can’t sing.  I entirely fail at hitting the notes and carrying the tune I am mean to hit and carry.  And possibly worse, I’m not tone deaf so I can hear exactly how off I am.  This is a problem because I love to sing.  I sing in the shower, I sing when I’m home alone and… when I’m alone in that train car heading home after a long day, I can’t resist singing on the Underground.

Yes, there are probably CCTV cameras recording me looking ridiculous.  And I’m not doing it for any reason except for the pure enjoyment of being able to do the one thing I would never do in public while in what is usually the most crowded place in town.  And I have to say, it’s one of the most fun, liberating things I think I could ever do on public transportation.

So if you see a nearly-empty train wizz by with a girl singing to herself, wave… that’s me!