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Chessboxing at Boxing London

by: Meg
It’s noon on a Saturday and all I can think about is hitting someone. I’m ready to go three brutal minutes in the ring and at the end of those three minutes, I’m going to challenge them to a game of chess.

Wait… what?

Confused? Ladies and gentleman, the perfect combination of physical and mental strength and ingenuity can now be found in chessboxing…. Read the rest of my article on Spoonfed.


Right, well, I’m not going to give a full recap as you will all just have to read my article on Spoonfed but wow. Chessboxing was fun.

To alleviate any fears – I (somewhat disappointingly) didn’t get to hit anyone but (probably for the best) no one hit me. It was a lesson, not a competition so I got a lot of boxing training and got to rail on a punching bag. I also got chess training and won a game of chess (to be fair, my opponent didn’t entirely remember the rules so in being distracted by that she didn’t really have a chance to focus on strategy). It was ridiculously fun and I’m even considering going back but that’s all the info you get for now.

Except this morning I am too sore to function – I woke up at 6am and all I could think about was finding someone to give me a massage. Those options being limited, I took some ibuprofen and went back to sleep for four hours.

(By the way, the entire time, I couldn’t get this song out of my head. Bonus points to anyone who knows this movie:)

If you want to find out more about chessboxing as a sport, visit the official Great Britain Chessboxing homepage. Or, if you want to try out a class for yourself, visit the Spoonfed listing for London Chessboxing.


The website is live!

(and as promised; here is the London Line Dancing article I wrote)