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I mentioned a few weeks back that I attended an event hosted by the group The Next Women. They’ve recently published the event video – take a look for a couple cameos by me!

TheNextWomen from Newspepper on Vimeo.

Happy social media week! Did you know that this week is international social media week, as sponsored by the fantastic Meebo? A whole week dedicated to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and the like. As almost a follow up to my last post, this has involved a number of tech meetups.

Last night was the official kick-off for the week in London where the who’s-who of London technorati came together to network, chat about the industry and drink while tonight was the 10th Shoreditch Twit, the Twitter meetup for Shoreditch (the area where the Spoonfed offices are located) locals.

The idea behind social media week, I believe, is to show case an industry that was in its infancy in 2009 and will grow in both scale and professionalism this year and decade. I’m lucky in the sense that both London and Spoonfed seem to be embracing this trend and I’ve met a number of local tech-savvy marketers, PRs, entrepreneurs and tech consumers who are interested in driving the industry forward.

For social media week, why not take a look at Twitter if you haven’t before, or see how Flickr can help you share photos with friends. At the very least visit Meebo and see how they can simplify and consolidate your online communication, just to get in the spirit of the event. Have a great Social Media Week and welcome to the consumer-created web.

Yesterday I attended Tomorrow’s Web Conference in London, a fantastic teens in tech event. You can read my full writeup on Techettes.

I like to think back fondly on my days as a budding entrepreneur; reselling on Ebay at 11, coding my first website shortly after… but at the end of the day, I was still just pawning off duplicate Beanie Babies and making Jelly Roll pen fan pages (thank goodness that element of my digital footprint has been firmly erased). No, my youthful tech exploits are placed decidedly in perspective with the astounding talent, creativity and technical prowess of the teens at Tomorrow’s Web 2009, the UK’s first ever by-teens, featuring-teens, for-teens tech conference.

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Are You a Techette?

I wanted to share a little project I’ve been working on for some time now. I’m excited to announce my brand new website Techettes – the tech savvy girl’s guide to what’s sweet on the web. Part Daily Candy, part TechCrunch, Techettes is meant to provide short and sweet reviews of great web sites and web tools, interviews and editorial about web technologies as well as the social networking tools for readers to save and share their favourite stories.

The idea for Techettes arose when I discovered that I really enjoyed reviewing my favourite up and coming websites and web 2.0 companies, as well as various other tech-related subjects here on The Top Floor Flat, but the posts didn’t really fit with the rest of my London and travel musings. I wanted a place where I could gossip about the tech news that interested me, and hope that some other women out there will be up for reading my ramblings.

This means that now, since I’m maintaining two editorial based websites (Top Floor Flat and Techettes) in addition to working full time at Spoonfed, the posts here may become slightly less frequent and (as you may have already noticed) a bit photo-heavy, at least while I’m sorting out a routine. That said, I have some very exciting ideas for The Top Floor Flat as well, especially as I no longer plan to work tech posts in with the rest of my writing here. I’ll be looking at a bit of a redesign of the main page and will start putting together sections for city and London travel guides based on the places I’ve already visited and the posts that are already here on the site. While I probably won’t be changing anything for a little while, I like the idea of making The Top Floor Flat solely about London life and travel while Techettes takes over on the tech side.

I’d really appreciate any feedback on the Techettes site – it’s still in its early stages and has some bugs to work out (please let me know if you find any weirdness!) but I’m quite excited to share my second internet home with all of my Top Floor Flat readers.

Spoonfed on Reuters

Last Friday was an exciting day in Spoonfed HQ.  Not only was the weather glorious and there was left over cake from the previous Cake Thursday, but Matt Cowen of Reuters TV came by to pay us a visit, camera in tow, and to learn more about the Spoonfed Radar application for the iPhone.  He interviewed Alex, took some shots of the office, and put together this little piece about finding London nightlife using mobile apps.  If you look closely you’ll spot the back of my head…